Profsummit is brought to you by Kerala state committee of Sunni students federation of India, popularly known as SSF . It is one among many programmes conducted by SSF annually for the professional students of the nation to equip them with futuristic skills along with ethical values, and in turn helps them achieve their true potential. The program since its inception in 2007 has garnered noteworthy praise from the community for giving them a unique perspective and setting the highest standards of professionalism. The program is now a highly anticipated event for thousands of students across the nation each year to learn and watch from highly qualified professionals and experts of diverse fields as they debate, discourse and enlighten the participants.

SSF India - The Driving Force

SSF is a pan-India student organization under the aegis of All India Sunni Jamiathul Muallimeen, striving persistently to commit the students to moral and social excellence, and in turn positively affect the society to righteous ways and cultural refinement. SSF strives persistently to resist unethical elements and ways in society besides youth as they corrupt the spirituality of humankind, leading them to degenerate ways. The organisation has been successful in creating a generation of people committed to the process of nation building in a productive and effective manner.

SSF: Mission
  • Empower the youth of the country to fight and resist social evils.
  • Help students achieve their highest potential in academical excellence.
  • Make the youth objective-minded by incalculation of both materialistic and spiritual education among them.
  • Safeguard and propagate the true islamic culture among the society.
  • Lead the fight against all fascist, communal, and anarchist elements and in turn ensure a peaceful and harmonious sustenance among diverse communities of the nation.
SSF: Vision
  • Secure the moral aspects of youth and liberate them from wicked rebellious movements.
  • Educate the masses on true ways of dissent and demote wasteful aggression which cannot truly direct a society.
  • Enlighten the student in and out of the campus to rise above political slumping and clash, to fruitfully contribute to mankind in positive ways.
The brief History

SSF began its journey in 1970’s, amidst the rising political brawl among the youth in campus and forceful heresy from foreign segments. It rose to uphold the spiritual and cultural values of society . It takes inspiration from the fact that, the true beautiful ways of islamic values will only be promoted if pious ways of Ulemas are disseminated among the students and professionals of the time. It came into official existence as Sunni Students Federation on April 23rd, 1973 under the aegis of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema.

SSF Campus Syndicate

SSF Campus syndicate is a sub-committee under the State Committee of SSF Kerala. It is incharge of all the campus activities and events throughout thousands of SSF campus units of the state. The committee is made of professionals and student representatives from the different institutes of the state.
The body has subordinate units in each district which is known as District Syndicate and Chamber. The State Chamber under Campus Syndicate is a body of District Campus Secretaries and nominated officials. SSF Kerala Campus Syndicate focuses on all-round development of students by engaging them in extra curricular activities, moulding them to interact with the community, give best career guidance and help them become the best professional they can be. Campus Syndicate conducts different training camps, internship programs, workshops, literary events, cultural communes, debates across the year in different parts of the state and campuses.